Posted 03/13/2020 by Bill Jenney

With these trying times in our nation and after consideration over the last 48 hours regarding the corona virus as it relates to activities within the A.-Green-Baseball organization, we have opted to "do" the following:


We shall operate in short bursts as to how we approach each group activity.


For this weekend, we have cancelled all team-type activities where an entire age group of players might congregate.


Additionally, we are preparing, in conjunction with our adjunct legal staff, a "Letter of Understanding" between the parents of each player and the organization which will convey the parameters around which each individual may participate in team and ABG activities, conditioning, training, and workouts.      Each family shall be required to sign the "Corona Letter" before their son may continue working out.


In essence, it absolutely is up to each family to decide which participatory activities are/will be appropriate for their son.      Bottom line, we are attempting to react to the desires and attitudes of each Mom and Dad so that their concerns are addressed.      And in that regard, we recognize that some wish to work out while others prefer to remain away from group members until the path forward becomes clearer and more sharply defined.      With either perspective, we say TOTALLY supportive ---- it is a GREAT country in which we live where freedom of choice is the norm ---->  HALLELUJAH!! ---- AGB parents, please exercise your right to decide and make the right decision for your "clan" ---- we respect (and are VERY supportive of)  ALL determinations!!


Thus, to recap, through this weekend all team activities are cancelled, but after signing the Letter of Understanding, players may participate in individual or small-group (4 or less players) workouts.


If anyone has questions or concerns, please contact me.

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