#TheJourney for A. Green Baseball consists of both physical and mental growth.  The aim is to be 1% better each day.  The joy is in the journey, not the destination. 


  • Baseball-specific skill development driven by sound mechanics and becoming technically proficient in the game of baseball.

  • Building a strong baseball IQ through repetitions in training and situational teachings in a classroom setting

  • Understanding and accepting failures and using them as tools to grow and succeed

  • Strength and conditioning development with off-season training at Barwis Methods


  • Mental lesson to begin each training session to set the tone for the group

  • Leadership development opportunities throughout the off season

  • Organizational lessons shared through various forms of technology

  • Interaction and dialogue through multiple social media platforms

  • Interactive opportunities allowing players to sharpen mental skills outside of dedicated training or classroom sessions

Through 25+ years of experience, A. Green Baseball has come to find the above to be what makes a solid foundation for players to compete at a high level.  As with anything, one only gets out of something what one puts into it, and A. Green Baseball aims to provide every opportunity to its players for growth and development throughout their time with the organization. 

Baseball is nothing more than another classroom in the educational process.  Really, baseball is a metaphor for life.


           -Augie Garrido

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